Fraxtal Launches Mainnet Bridge and Innovative Incentive Programs

Last week, Fractal the Layer 2 built by Frax Finance launched their mainnet bridge to the public

Superchain Eco

Fraxtal Mainnet Bridge

On March 11th, Fraxtal the Layer 2 built by Frax Finance launched their mainnet bridge to the public, marking a significant step in Fraxtals’s transition to becoming a Superchain. Fraxtal is a Modular Rollup that was launched on Feb 7th. Essentially it's a rollup with different modular components. It will have different modules to connect to different chains in and out of the Superchain. Fractal uses the OP Stack as the execution environment, but there will be other ways Fraxtal connects to other chains and rollups.

Fraxtal Incentive Programs

Fraxtal has set up a couple of unique incentive programs. First off we have The Fraxtal Blockspace Incentives system (referred to as "Flox") is the primary automated, recurring method that rewards both users and smart contract developers on Fraxtal.
Every epoch (initially 7 days), EOA addresses that have spent gas on Fraxtal and the smart contracts that used gas are rewarded FXTL points proportional to the “Flox Algorithm.”

Fraxtal has also introduced its own points system The Fraxtal Point System introduces FXTL, a unique ticker representing points within the Fraxtal ecosystem. It rewards and incentivises participants in the ecosystem including creating and interacting with smart contracts, utilizing new protocols deployed to the chain, and holding specific types of tokens.

FXTL points will be tokenized no later than 12 months after the Fraxtal chain genesis. Whether FXTL points will be tokenized as a separate staking token for the chain or converted to FXS tokens at a specified ratio) will be revealed in the future.

Fraxtal Snapshot

Flox incentives & $FXTL points are now live and will be earned by contract addresses & EOAs that use Fraxtal every block. $FXTL points will be shown in this contract address, users can already see their earnings from the March 6th snapshot snapshot.

If u missed out on the initial snapshot, don't worry there is a second snapshot on April April 3rd for veFXS stakers!

At Superchain Eco, we're excited about Fraxtal’s journey and hope other Blockchains will follow in its footsteps and join the Superchain.