Ancient 8 Project Highlight

Ancient8 Chain is a gaming-focused community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 built on the OP Stack to onboard the next 100 million Web3 citizens.

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Project Description 

Ancient8 (website) is reshaping the Web3 gaming landscape with its dual role as a gaming guild and a Layer 2 blockchain, built atop the Optimism Stack. This innovative project tackles the prevalent challenges in Web3 gaming, focusing on technical support and community engagement to empower game developers. Ancient8's mission is to deliver a smooth, scalable gaming experience, equipping studios with the tools and collaborative environment they need to thrive. By fostering a robust community and forming strategic partnerships, Ancient8 is setting the stage for a user-friendly and accessible blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Value Proposition

Ancient8 presents itself as a unique and necessary project in the Web3 gaming space with its value proposition centered around creating a gaming-focused, community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 platform. It aims to onboard the next 100 million Web3 citizens by leveraging the OP Stack Layer2 technology, which allows blockchain games to utilize the best features of Ethereum without any code changes and at a significantly lower cost.

Ancient8 differentiates itself with a comprehensive ecosystem supported by the Ancient8 collective, offering everything a game studio needs — from launch support with Dojo to marketing with Gosu Network. It empowers developers with transparent governance and fair distribution, promising ecosystem and financial support for games and protocols that contribute to its growth. This collective effort is led by top web3 gaming thought leaders, positioning Ancient8 as a pioneer in the Optimism Superchain and a driving force for mainstream adoption of decentralized gaming.

Strategic Position 

Ancient8 positions itself within the OP Stack ecosystem as a specialized Layer 2 blockchain, focusing on the gaming sector. It acts as a foundational layer that supports the development and operation of games, bridging the gap between technical capabilities and user experience. Its integration with the OP Stack ecosystem is seamless, allowing it to work in harmony with other projects and protocols. This synergy enhances the overall functionality and user experience, making it a vital component of the OP Stack's expansive network, dedicated to advancing the Web3 gaming domain.


Ancient8 has successfully secured $10 million through four funding rounds, with the most recent seed round completed on June 8, 2022. The project has attracted a total of 49 investors, including notable names like Sky9 Capital and HC Ventures, who are the latest to back Ancient8's vision.