Cyber joins the Superchain

On May 15th, 2024, Cyber announced it would join the Superchain and launch its mainnet.

Superchain Eco

On May 15th, 2024, Cyber announced it would join the Superchain and launch its mainnet. Cyber Connect has rebranded to Cyber, the Layer 2 for Social Apps. Cyber marks a significant milestone for the social apps in the Superchain.

The Cyber mainnet is developed with Alt Layer and the open-source OP Stack & Plasma Mode in Beta. Cyber introduces innovative features, including native account abstraction with EIP-7560, enabling EOAs to function as Smart Accounts with gas sponsorship. It supports seedless wallets via EIP-7212, allowing Passkey and Webauthn access through FaceID without intermediaries. The Enshrined Social Graph Protocol, powered by CyberGraph and CyberAccount (CyberConnect V3), lets developers interact with social graph data.

CyberDB, powered by EigenLayer AVS, offers cost-effective decentralized storage for large-scale social data. Cyber provides native yield on bridged ETH, LST, and LRT through Ethereum staking. The decentralized sequencer network, secured by CYBER via EigenLayer AVS, ensures censorship resistance, distributing rewards to stakers, node operators, and developers.

The Social Layer

Cyber is the first restaked Ethereum Layer 2 designed for social and optimized for mass adoption. It serves as the 'social layer' for web3 applications, enhancing the user experience by providing seamless social interactions and the gateway for the next wave of users to access web3 experiences. Cyber, as a social L2, allows developers to explore new monetization methods and value creation in social networks. It's ideal for SocialFi applications, converting social engagements into economic rewards and charging AI developers for social data.

Cyber has joined the Superchain to provide social infrastructure for its entire ecosystem. Users from OP Chains can access social data on Cyber. Cyber is uniquely positioned to experiment with native-AA, passkey curve precompile, gas sponsorship, and other economic designs on social data. This facilitates social networking features across the Superchain and helps bring the next wave of mass users to the onchain. Users who onboard through applications on Cyber can access the entire onchain economy within the Superchain ecosystem.

At Superchain Eco, we're excited about Cyber and the launch of the new social applications.